Padmini’s main code does not depend on external libraries. It does depend on some side data, which is included with the project.

Data Files

All necessary data files are included in the data/ directory. Currently, the only file in data/ is:

  • dhatupatha.tsv, an accented Dhatupatha created from various sources. This file is mostly consistent with the Dhatupatha used by


Padmini’s main code has no external dependencies.

Test and development dependencies are in requirements-dev.txt. You can install these requirements with:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

The main requirements here are:

  • black for code formatting

  • sphinx for documentation

  • py.test for unit tests

You can run all of these commands through make. For example, running make lint in the project directory will apply code formatting to the entire project. See Makefile for details.